We Can Help Get You Covered, California

Kelley-Jensen2Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Health Care Reform has made health insurance affordable, available, reliable, and real, but health care reform has not made health insurance less confusing… to get the guidance you need, talk to an expert:  a health insurance agent that has years of experience with health plans and health carriers.  Health Care Reform is new, but health insurance is not, so put our knowledge, guidance, reassurance and expertise to work for you and your family.  Click here for a free quote. 

We can help you:

–       Use Covered California – Covered California  is the State based exchange created by Health Care Reform to help people buy private insurance plans with subsidy.  We can assist you in the determination of your subsidy, or premium assistance credit.

–       Understand Your Options – Health Care Reform has required all health plans to provide certain essential health benefits,  as well as puts limits on cost sharing and out of pocket expenses, in addition to providing subsidies for those that qualify.

–       Pick The Right Plan – Health Care Reform does not create a government plan, all plans are offered from private insurance carriers.  Our years of experience with health insurance plans and carriers help you find a plan that is right for you.  There is a lot to consider, and you need an expert to guide you through those considerations.  

Our exceptional knowledge and service helps individuals and families utilize Health Care Reform to get the peace of mind and financial security that comes with knowing you and your family’s healthcare costs are under control.  We can help get you covered, California.

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