Work with the Pros 2011 – Week 1 – F as in Football, F as in Fat

It is football season and Dwight Clark and Ron Filice are picking the games each week, and talking about health and wellness, in particular, highlighting a report recently issued by the nonprofit organization, Trust for America’s Health, titled F as in Fat. This year, F as in Football, F as in Fat. Get fit and get better health insurance, click here for quotes.

What is the report F as in Fat?

It is a report published by the non-profit, non-partisan organization, Trust for America’s Health,

The report was first published in August of 2006, and has been published every summer for since. The 2011 report was just issued in July of 2011. Download a copy of it here

What are the findings of Fit as in Fat 2011?

We are even more fat this year than last year, in spite of the efforts that have been made to reverse the epidemic of obesity. Read our other blogs about health and fitness

How is obesity defined, at what point is a person considered obese?

You are considered obese if your BMI (body mass index) is 30 or higher. You are considered overweight if your BMI is 25 or higher. Calculate your BMI here

Fit as in Fat 2011 included all people with a BMI over 25. Usually, this equates to those people with more than 30 pounds to lose.

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What can Americans do to reverse the epidemic of obesity?

Employers are taking the lead in the fight against obesity, because having healthy, strong employees is essential for company success. Insurance claims and rate increases on an unhealthy work force can lead to crippling health care expenses for employers. This provides great incentive for Workplace Wellness, programs designed to help Companies help their employees lose weight.

What kinds of things are employers doing?

Fitness classes and competitions between departments, health fairs, biometric screenings, incentives to quit smoking or lose weight, employees that pay a portion of their benefits for not participating in wellness programs. Employers across the nation are working with their health insurance providers to increase the health of their workforce and decrease the cost of their health insurance benefits. Healthy employees save employers money-ideas for employee incentives to be healthy

F is for Fat, but F is also for Football! Here are Ron and Dwight’s football picks for the week, how do yours stack up?

NFL Week 1 – Picks

Favorite Line Underdog Ron’s Pick Dwight’s Pick
At Green Bay -4.5 New Orleans Green Bay Green Bay
At Baltimore -2 Pittsburgh Baltimore Pittsburgh
At Tampa Bay -1.5 Detroit Detroit Tampa Bay
Atlanta -3 At Chicago Atlanta Chicago
At Kansas City -6 Buffalo Kansas City Kansas City
At Houston -9 Indianapolis Houston Houston
Philadelphia -4.5 At St. Louis Philadelphia Philadelphia
At Cleveland -6.5 Cincinnati Cleveland Cleveland
At Jacksonville -2 Tennessee Jacksonville Tennessee
NY Giants -3 At Washington Washington Washington
At Arizona -7 Carolina Arizona Arizona
At San Francisco -5.5 Seattle San Francisco San Francisco
At San Diego -8.5 Minnesota Minnesota San Diego
At NY Jets -4.5 Dallas NY Jets NY Jets

Monday Night Football Line

Favorite Line Underdog Ron’s Pick Dwight’s Pick
New England -7 At Miami Miami New England
At Denver -3 Oakland Oakland Denver

See their score for last season here.

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