Work with the Pros – Week 1 Childhood Obesity Awareness

Losing weight is overwhelming for anyone, but for a child, trying to lose weight comes with so many added challenges that overwhelmed does not begin to describe it adequately.  And yet, with one in three children overweight or obese, child weight loss has never been more important.  Where do you start?   Read more about obesity, F as in Football, or F as in FAT

1)    Do NOT Underestimate The Importance of Your Child’s Weight.

Sometimes, with children, it is easy to brush off their struggles as temporary stages that will correct themselves as they mature.  The whole, “it’s just a phase, he’ll outgrow it” angle.  Well, that advice is fine for some things in a child’s life, like being afraid of scary movies or being shy, but that advice is not great if the outcome of not “outgrowing” the issue puts the child in harm’s way.  Overweight children are at a much greater risk for health problems:  high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, accelerated growth, hip and knee pain, sleep apnea, low self-esteem, depression…on and on.  AND, the longer a child remains overweight, the greater the risk that they will remain overweight or obese as adults.  The best parenting advice I ever received was, “when it comes to children, do not ‘wait and see’”.  That advice is incredibly relevant to children’s weight.  Read some ideas about soda

2)   Get A Diagnosis.

If you suspected that your child had vision, hearing, or learning problems , you would not hesitate to contact a doctor or specialist for help.  Weight loss should not be any different.  A growing child’s nutritional needs differ from those of adults.  Too few calories or restricting the wrong foods can interfere with proper growth.  So, start with your pediatrician.  Get a complete physical, and ask the doctor to make a formal diagnosis and recommendation for weight loss.  It may help insurance reimbursements for weight loss classes, get a quote .  The pediatrician can guide or refer you and your child to a realistic, safe weight loss goal that will help your child make changes that build healthy habits for life.

3)   Set An Example.

Parents play a big role in shaping children’s eating habits.  When parents eat a variety of foods that are low in fat and sugar and high in fiber, children learn to like these foods as well.  It may take 12 tries before a child accepts a new food, so do not give up right away.  And, JOIN IN.  For every new food your child tries 12 times, you try a new food 12 times too.  Both of your eating habits will improve.  Check out some ideas for alternatives to the drive thru.

4)  Move Together.

Like adults, children should be physically active most, if not all, days of the week.  Experts suggest at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily for most children.  Walking fast, bicycling, jumping rope, dancing….these are all things you can do together.  Fun physical activity with the parent they love so much is as good as it gets for your child.

5)  Love Them And Make Sure They Hear You Say It.

Children weight affects their self-esteem and makes them vulnerable. They might feel pressure to lose weight in a certain timetable or else risk disappointing you.   Make sure that you communicate that you love them, are proud of them, and are there to help and support them every moment of their lives.

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Ron and Dwight’s Picks

NFL Lines For Week 1 – NFL Football Line Week One
NFL Line 9/5 – 9/10, 2012

Favorite Line Underdog Ron’s Picks Dwight’s Picks
At NY Giants -4 Dallas NY Giants NY Giants
At Chicago -9.5 Indianapolis Indianapolis Chicago
Philadelphia -8 At Cleveland Cleveland Philadelphia
At NY Jets -3 Buffalo NY Jets Buffalo
At New Orleans -9 Washington New Orleans New Orleans
New England -6 At Tennessee Tennessee New England
At Minnesota -3.5 Jacksonville Minnesota Minnesota
At Houston -12.5 Miami Houston Houston
At Detroit -7 St. Louis Detroit Detroit
Atlanta -3 At Kansas City Atlanta Kansas City
At Green Bay -5 San Francisco Green Bay San Francisco
Carolina -2.5 At Tampa Bay Carolina Tampa Bay
Seattle -2.5 At Arizona Seattle Seattle
At Denver -1.5 Pittsburgh Denver Pittsburgh

Monday Night Football Line

Favorite Line Underdog Ron’s Picks Dwight’s Picks
At Baltimore -6 Cincinnati Baltimore Baltimore
San Diego -1 At Oakland Oakland Oakland
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