HSA – Deducting an ipad for your special needs child’s education?

Steven Arreola, senior broker at Filice Insurance, updates our blogs on HSA’s and gets specific about education for kids with special needs.  Medical expenses that are deductible through a Health Savings Account follow the guidelines established for the medical and dental expense deduction on your tax return under internal revenue code section 502.

That section defines medical expenses as the costs of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, and the costs for treatments affecting any part or function of the body.  These expenses include the cost of equipment, and the costs of special education.

Steven leads discussion with examples and explanation of when you can use your HSA account to pay the costs of education, treatment and therapy for kids with special needs.  He specifically talks about the ipad.  The ipad has become the tool of choice for those with learning disabilities, and has many features that make it a vital part of their progress.  Accordingly, though it is so new, and there is no case law defining it with certainty, there appears to be opportunity to pay for an ipad, when used for special education, through your HSA.

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