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Kids Sports, How Much is Too Much?

It is amazing how when our kids claim to enjoy a sport, we, as parents, grab on to it with a death grip that cannot be dislodged. We want our kids to be successful at everything they do and we will do anything to initialize and sustain that success. The truth, however, is diametrically opposed to that parental desire. Our kids need to want to succeed at whatever they do, sports, school, friendships, etc. They need to practice on their own. They need to want to watch the games for enjoyment and to learn. They have to look at winning as a by-product of playing well. They have to want to play with kids that are better than they are, because you only get better by pushing yourself. They need to lose gracefully and win gracefully, because they are part of a team and the team wins and loses together.

Tiaras and Tirades

Recently, while flipping through the television channels, I happened across the scene of a young girl (she turned out to be 5 – yes, 5) screaming and crying and pleading with her mother (a seriously overweight, white women with perfect acrylic nails) to stop hurting her. Instantly I was sucked into watching the horror of a little girl having her eyebrows waxed (WTF?!) while her mom pinned her down, and harshly told her to be quiet. The mom was explaining to the reporter that her daughter “really wanted this” but was just “being a brat.”

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