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Right now, many individuals are at a crossroad when it comes to their health insurance.  During this exasperating recession, people found themselves laid off from their jobs suddenly, and, in a scramble, elected to stay on their former employer’s health insurance plan through COBRA instead of finding alternatives to COBRA health insurance.

Employee, Freelance worker, Independent Contractor….What am I and why do I care?

Work has never been so complicated.  Do you WORK at a Company, or DO work for a Company?  While this might seem like nothing but semantics, the difference in your employment status is real and relevant in almost every way, for both you and the Companies you conduct business with.  Your classification as an employee, or a freelance worker, also known as independent contractor, determines your payment of taxes, the type of taxes you pay, you eligibility for health insurance and other benefits, and, in many cases, your very wages.

Top 10 Things to Consider when Shopping for Health Insurance

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing Health Insurance

With more and more people out of work these days, many Americans are having to make difficult decisions regarding health insurance policies. There are a wide variety of policies to choose from (Cobra coverage, catastrophic insurance, HMOs, PPOs, high-risk insurance, etc) and many people don’t know where to start looking or what to consider. Here are ten important issues to consider before researching health care options.

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