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PIN Number Instead of Social Security Number, Do I get Subsidy?

PIN Number Instead of Social Security Number, Do I get Subsidy?


I am an immigrant in the United States.  I do not have a Social Security Number, but I do have a PIN number issued to me by the IRS, can I qualify for health insurance subsidies using my PIN number?

A PIN number is officially known as an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)  and is issued by the IRS to foreigners that have a need to file a tax return.  Such people can be resident or non-resident aliens, or the spouse of either.  Note that:

Health Care Subsidies and Premium Assistance Tax Credits, what are they?

Kelley-Jensen, writes about health care subsidiesHealth care subsidies – What is the difference between, subsidies, premium assistance, tax credits:  which apply to me and how do I get them?
Health care subsidies, subsidy, premium assistance, premium assistance credit, premium assistance tax credit, tax credit are all terms that are used interchangeably to describe money available to assist with the payment of monthly health insurance premiums for people that qualify for help.

What is a health insurance premium? 

A health insurance premium is an amount payable to an insurance company, usually monthly, for health care coverage to remain available.  Watch these great tutorials about health insurance by Humana.

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