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Starvation Tips From Gwyneth Paltrow

Kelley-Jensen2Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Gwyneth Paltrow has some good ideas, and her enthusiasm is catching.   However, she also has some bad ideas, some REALLY bad ideas.  Excerpts from her newest cookbook are full of those bad ideas.  They read like a manifesto of neurosis, hypochondria, body image crisis, and rationalizations that amounts to little more than tips on how to starve oneself without using the word “anorexia”.  Because THAT would make you sound unhealthy.  It is also warning not to take too much diet and nutrition advice from celebrities.  They are under so much pressure to look a certain way that it clouds their judgment.  Here are some of her bad ideas, along with some of the good ones, taken both from both of her cookbooks and website.  Health Care Reform is here, get a free health insurance quote and learn more!

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