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Jennifer Livingston: Is Anyone Else Disturbed By Her “Support”?

Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

TV anchor Jennifer Livingston made quite a stir when she attacked a viewer who dared email her requesting that she examine her health, lose weight, and use her built in pulpit to inspire her community to do the same.  According to Jennifer, and legions of supporters, this made the man a bully, a meanie, an uncaring cad, you name it.  While, arguably, he is the winner of poorest word choice in recent memory, many of us are not buying that he is the anti-Christ.  Perhaps he could have said something like, “Jennifer, you are so beautiful, talented and a terrific pillar of this community.  I think that you have the potential to really help people lose weight and get healthy.  I personally struggled with obesity as a child, and I know that watching you lose weight would have inspired me to do the same.  Losing weight is very hard, but you have what it takes to lose it and motivate the community that adores you so much.”

Work with the Pros – Week 3 – Exercising with Co-Workers

F is for football, F is for Fit, and there is no easier way to get fit than with a team, so make a team of your coworkers. Why not? You spend a lot of time together, respect each other, work well together, motivate each other. Working requires discipline and so does being fit, so get a group of your coworkers together and form a team, and make it fun to be fit. Already fit? Better health insurance rates could be yours, click here. Here are Dwight’s favorite ideas for exercising with coworkers:

A charity run or walk

Work with the Pros – Week 2 – Cholesterol Screenings

September is Cholesterol Education Month, so get screened and educated on what cholesterol is and what it should be. Cholesterol screenings can be done at doctor’s office, at a clinic, or even some pharmacies. The test is a blood test that a doctor can order, or use a portable screening device that requires a very slight prick of blood from your finger. Check out more blogs about your health with Dr. A

What is Cholesterol?

Work with the Pros 2011 – Week 1 – F as in Football, F as in Fat

It is football season and Dwight Clark and Ron Filice are picking the games each week, and talking about health and wellness, in particular, highlighting a report recently issued by the nonprofit organization, Trust for America’s Health, titled F as in Fat. This year, F as in Football, F as in Fat. Get fit and get better health insurance, click here for quotes.

What is the report F as in Fat?

It is a report published by the non-profit, non-partisan organization, Trust for America’s Health,

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