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Determining Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

Author: Michelle Montoya, MLR, SPHR

Client question:

Who determines a terminated employee’s eligibility for unemployment benefits? Does the employer have any control over the unemployment claim?


Eligibility for unemployment benefits is determined by the state agency (EDD, Employment Development Department, in the case of California) where the employee files a claim. The employer has no control over the filing or determination of eligibility.

When an unemployment claim is filed, the agency will request information from the employer about the facts surrounding the termination. This is the time an employer can state the reason for the termination, give supporting evidence, and state a case for denying unemployment benefits. The final determination will be made by the EDD.

Termination: Employee signature required?

Author: Michelle Montoya, MLR, SPHR

Client question:

When terminating an employee, am I, as an HR Professional, required to have the employee sign the termination documentation?


No. There are instances when terminated employees do not want to sign any termination documentation, and that is their choice. An employer is required to give notices and termination documents to the employee, but not required to receive signature. Do make a note on the document that the employee refused to sign.

Healthy Employees Save Employers Money, Ideas for Employee Incentives to be Healthy

Author: Dawn Alvarez, PHR, CWC

The costs of unhealthy employees and the savings from healthy employees are real numbers that an employer can track both in higher health insurance rates and the costs of healthcare claims by employees. These numbers are so compelling, that many employers are creating wellness programs targeted at health education, exercise, and treatment of specific diseases for employees and their dependents. An employer can provide incentives to motivate employees to improve their health. Here is a great example:

Go for a Million!

Every day we are bombarded with statistics about how fat, lazy and unhealthy we are as a nation. Over 108 million of us have a chronic disease such as high blood pressure, asthma, osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes. All of these things are killing us or injuring us, affecting the quality of our lives and the lives of those we love. And, it affects our workplace. The unhealthier we are, the less productive we are. Not only are we less productive for our employers, but we cost them more money in health insurance. The majority of Americans receive health insurance through their employers, and the employers directly feel the costs of a fat, lazy and sick workforce as insurance rates skyrocket.

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