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After Hours With Dr A – Bladder Infections

Author: Dr. A

UTI’(Urinary Tract Infections), also known as bladder infections, are one of the most common patient medical problems seen at After Hours Healthcare and emergency rooms around the country. Anyone that has ever had one knows that a urinary tract infection will not be ignored for long, and Dr. A gives information about UTI’s

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Urinary tract infections are one of the most common out patient medical problems that we see in After Hours Healthcare. It is more common in women than men. Though not that common in children, it is a problem at times for the pediatric age group. Want better health plans for your children? Get a quote.

After Hours With Dr A – Whooping Cough

Author: Dr. A

Whooping cough, or pertussis, has received a lot of media attention recently because of an outbreak in certain states, California, Michigan, and Ohio, for example. Many states are either requiring vaccination or highly recommending that people receive the vaccination, as a way to combat the spread. But what is whooping cough, and what does the vaccine do? Dr A tells us everything we need to know. For more information or to get the vaccine after you get off of work, contact Or check out all Dr A’s blogs here.

After Hours With Dr. A

Author: Dr. A

Arguably, two of patient’s biggest pet peeves when it comes to their healthcare are interrupting their daily schedule for routine appointments that inevitably last hours, and not being able to get into the doctor for sudden illnesses and injuries.

It always seems to be Friday at 4:59pm when someone notices those spots in the back of the throat that are the hallmark of strep. Do you suffer until Monday? You try, until the fever and pain really kick in, then you end up in the emergency or urgent care room, and if the wait does not get you, the bill sure will. Emergency care is notoriously expensive. Emergency room on your health insurance plan? Get a quote.

After Hours With Dr. A, Q&A about our Clinic

Author: Dr. A

How about a healthcare clinic open after hours? A place that can take care of last minute ailments, as well as routine examinations, maybe even become your primary physician. That is exactly what After Hours Healthcare, is all about.

Dr. A answers questions and gives examples of his clinic’s services. Emergency room on your health insurance plan? Get a quote.

Can After Hours Health Care be my primary care physician?

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