Real Men STILL Wear Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness and Obamacare


It is October 2012, Breast Cancer Awareness Month  , and a chance to highlight a fact of Obamacare  that might not be known to millions of women:  Women’s preventive care, INCLUDING mammograms, must be offered to all women over 40 with no cost sharing.  That means that whatever health plan you have covers a mammogram over the age of 40,  at no out of pocket costs to you.  No copay.  No payment because you have not met your deductible.  No cost sharing at all .  There is officially no excuse:  GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!


What other preventive care is covered without regard to cost sharing? 

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Mammograms are x-rays of the breast, and are the single most effective way of determining breast cancer.  Having regular mammograms will not reduce a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, but it will reduce her risk of dying from cancer, because regular mammograms can detect cancer earlier.  Regular mammograms are those performed every two years for women between the ages of 50 and 74, unless otherwise recommended by her doctor.  Women younger than 50 should talk to their doctor about the timing of mammograms.  Get low cost health insurance quotes here. A woman should do have a clinical exam annually, a self exam monthly, and a mammogram as recommended by her doctor.

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