Health Insurance 101 – Video Tutorials, Brought To You By Humana

Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Sponsored by Humana, these short videos provide concise answers to common health insurance questions received by health insurance providers, health insurance agents and health insurance brokers.  Learn more, make sure you can answer these questions about your health insurance needs.

Can You Change Your Health Plan Anytime You Want? – Video Link

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Health Insurance? - Video Link

How Did Healthcare Come About in the United States? - Video Link

How Do Deductibles and Copays Work? - Video Link

How Do I Choose The Healthcare Plan That’s Right For Me? - Video Link

How Do You Budget For Healthcare? - Video Link

How Does Healthcare Insurance Work? - Video Link

Medicare – How and When Will I Use it? - Video Link

What are HSAs, FSAs, HDHPs?  - Video Link

What Happens To Me if I Have A Medical Catastrophe I Can’t Afford? - Video Link

What If Your Employer Does Not Offer Health Insurance? - Video Link

What is Accident Coverage?  - Video Link

What is COBRA And How Does It Work? – Video Link

What is Consumer Driven Healthcare? - Video Link

What is Critical Illness/Cancer Coverage? - Video Link

What is Disability Coverage?  - Video Link

What is Medicare Advantage? - Video Link

What is the Medicare Process and How Does It Work? - Video Link

What Screenings Do I Need And What Does Medicare Pay For? - Video Link

Why Do Some Drugs Cost More Than Others? - Video Link

Why Does It Cost More To Use Some Doctors? - Video Link

Does good dental hygiene affect more than your teeth? - Video Link

Can regular eye exams really help keep me healthier overall? - Video Link

What is Supplemental Health Coverage? - Video Link

What is Dental Coverage?  - Video Link

What is Vision Coverage?  - Video Link

What is Term Life Coverage?  - Video Link

What is Whole Life Coverage?  - Video Link

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