Dwight Clark Says “GO GIANTS”!



It is October 2012, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but today Dwight Clark wants congratulate the San Francisco Giants on their pennant victory against the Saint Louis Cardinals.  Now it is off to the World Series where the SF Giants face the Detroit Tigers.  GO GIANTS!!

And, here is some things you might not know but will learn in our blogs:

  1. Auditory processing  is very common in children, what are the symptoms?
  2. Whether you call yourself a free-lancer, an independent contractor, or consultant, you have self employed health insurance   to think about.
  3. Using an HSA  to pay for special education is a tremendous help on family health insurance plans.
  4. Answer these 10 questions  before shopping for health insurance.
  5. Dental Sealants are very popular, but are they worth it?
  6. It is possible to be overweight and healthy, if you get a clean bill of health from a doctor and pass a simple litmus test.
  7. Obesity really is a national epidemic for our children.
  8. COBRA  is too expensive, especially when you have just lost your job!
  9. What is a dependent when it comes to health insurance anyway?
  10. Child only health plans  can be a big savings to the family budget.

And check out these great links for Information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month:





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