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Top 5 Lessons Learned for Covered California’s Second Enrollment

Top 5 Lessons Learned for Covered CA’s 2nd Enrollment

We are on the eve of Covered CA’s 2nd open enrollment period, consumers be ready. Here is a list of the top 5 lessons learned from the first open enrollment period that will help those that need to buy health insurance during the 2nd open enrollment:covered-ca-head-banging-guy

No. 1) Use an agent. You will need one.

I realize that sounds like a shameless plug, but the facts from Covered CA’s first enrollment strongly back up the value of certified agents, so much so that Covered CA is redoing its marketing plan to notify consumers of agents available in their area, via storefront, internet or telephone.

A Check From My Insurance Company, Why?

Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Your daily trip to the mail box just got more interesting, you received a check from your health insurance provider.  But, why?  What is it, and is it taxable to you?  What if you have insurance through your employer, will you get a check, or rebate?

Why are you receiving this check from your health insurance provider?

Many major medical insurance carriers (Anthem Health Insurance, Kaiser Insurance, Blue Shield Health Insurance, to name a few) have begun issuing rebates to affected customers.  This rebate is the result of the health insurance provider’s MLR or Medical Loss Ratio calculation.

June is Home Safety Month – Is Your Home Covered?

Author: Kerry Tuma, CIC, Senior Account Executive, The Leavitt Group

June is National Home Safety Month, and that makes it a great time to review your personal insurance lines to make sure that your insurance coverage is adequate for everything in your home. There are many home safety issues that can affect your insurance coverage and may need to be added to your insurance policies. The following safety practices that can affect insurance:

1) Trampolines – some carriers exclude injuries from their usage; some will provide coverage but mandate use of mesh enclosure

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