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Work with the Pros 2012 – Week 2 Meet EAT CLUB!

Dwight Clark is proud to introduce EAT CLUB !  Eat Club is an online lunch service that delivers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Order your lunch online by 10:15am, and pick it up at your company’s front desk by 12:30pm that same day.  Oh, and NO TIP!  One simple low price: $7.95!

Get some suggestions for healthy meals when ordering out.

Work with the Pros – Week 2 – Cholesterol Screenings

September is Cholesterol Education Month, so get screened and educated on what cholesterol is and what it should be. Cholesterol screenings can be done at doctor’s office, at a clinic, or even some pharmacies. The test is a blood test that a doctor can order, or use a portable screening device that requires a very slight prick of blood from your finger. Check out more blogs about your health with Dr. A

What is Cholesterol?

Mission Accomplished! 346 miles, San Jose to LA on a Bike!

Author: Sheryl Driskell, Senior Account Manager Filice Insurance

For the record: all of us are alive and well! I had no idea how tired I would be each night after a day of biking, and therefore have not been able to update this blog. We have now finished four days of our trip, and have only three days to go! We have covered a total of 222.5 miles and have run into rain on the second and forth days. But let me backtrack and start from the beginning:

Filice Insurance: How far will we go for our clients??? 346 miles.

Author: Sheryl Driskell, Senior Account Manager Filice Insurance

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