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Women Take Charge! Perform Breast Self-exams

Breast self-exams are a women’s first line of defense against breast cancer. The most valuable thing about a breast cancer self-exam is that it helps women become familiar with the look and feel of their breasts while they are healthy. Thus, any change to breast tissue will be apparent, helping detect breast cancer and other potentially harmful conditions earlier. Doctor’s visits, mammograms and other women’s health insurance quotes here.

But, what is the correct way to do a self exam?

The American Cancer Society recommends the following technique for conducting a Breast self exam:

Supportive Devices (Casts, Splints, Braces)

Author: Kryijztoff (Kryz) Novotnaj, BHA, GBA, CBP, CCMA, CWS, MPHi-CE

With summer fast approaching, many people are getting outdoors, kids are playing sports, everyone is enjoying beautiful weather, and, breaking their bones. Accidents happen, and when they do, supportive devices like casts, splints and braces are necessary to the healing process.

Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

How to choose


According to some estimates, more than three-quarters of the people who visit an emergency room do not need to be there. Many of these patients are likely better candidates for a visit to an urgent care center.

Do You Really Need the ER?

Emergency rooms are located in hospitals and are staffed by medical doctors who use sophisticated equipment to handle life-threatening injuries and illnesses, and other serious medical conditions such as difficulty breathing or sudden severe pain.

H1N1 Vaccine


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H1N1 Vaccine

Everything you need to know


Novel H1N1 (commonly referred to as swine flu) is still a threat this flu season, but scientists have worked hard to develop a vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved this vaccine and government officials expect it to become available by mid-October.

How is it Spread?

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