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Arguably, two of patient’s biggest pet peeves when it comes to their healthcare are interrupting their daily schedule for routine appointments that inevitably last hours, and not being able to get into the doctor for sudden illnesses and injuries.

It always seems to be Friday at 4:59pm when someone notices those spots in the back of the throat that are the hallmark of strep. Do you suffer until Monday? You try, until the fever and pain really kick in, then you end up in the emergency or urgent care room, and if the wait does not get you, the bill sure will. Emergency care is notoriously expensive. Emergency room on your health insurance plan? Get a quote.

How about another option? How about a healthcare clinic open after hours? A place that can take care of last minute ailments, as well as routine examinations, maybe even become your primary physician. That is exactly what After Hours Healthcare, is all about.

Hello, everyone! My name is Dr. Richard Adrouny and I am the Medical Director of After Hours Healthcare. I have been a practicing Oncologist-Hematologist in Los Gatos, CA for over 25 years. I received my undergraduate degree from Duke University, my M.D. from Tulane University and I completed my residency and fellowships at USC and UCLA. I would like to take a moment to introduce you to “After Hours with Dr. A” and to tell you the story of my clinic.

It was about a year ago when I looked out my office window towards Good Samaritan Hospital and thought to myself, “Where do my patients go when they need to see a doctor at night and on the weekends?” The answer was painfully clear to me: the emergency room. That’s right, it did not matter if my patient had something as simple as a cold or as complex as a laceration on their arm. They had to go to the ER if they needed a doctor at night or on weekends. Unfortunately, they would have to wait for hours on end for costly service that could take far less time and far less money if there were an after hours service as an alternative. Considering the hard times our country is facing right now, saving time and money on healthcare is essential! Want better health insurance? Get free health insurance quotes here.

As a result, I decided to start After Hours Healthcare. It made perfect sense not only to me but to my fellow medical professionals as well as patients. I could keep my office open at night and on the weekend and anybody in the community who needed quality medical care, but did not need to go to the emergency room, could come in. If they wanted to make an appointment, they could, but anybody could walk in during our hours and see a doctor almost immediately.

Soon after starting the clinic, my son Greg, who had just graduated from college and was seeking work in the advertising industry, came to me and asked to do my marketing for me. Within weeks of Greg joining the team, we started seeing an increase in patients. Greg now handles all of the business aspects of the clinic, whereas I handle everything that is medical—we like to joke that we are the yin to the other’s yang. Working with my son has been a blessing.

A year later, the clinic is growing on a consistent basis and we are seeing more patients than ever before. We are rated very well by patients who have seen us and local physicians are referring their patients to us because they understand the value that such a service brings to our community. It is my hope that the entire South Bay community knows about us and allows us to be part of their healthcare team if our services are ever needed.

So what is After Hours Healthcare? We are an urgent care/walk-in clinic located across the street from Good Samaritan Hospital. Our mission is to provide the Bay Area with high quality medical service at convenient hours. Our services include, but are not limited to: physicals, immunizations, family practice, pediatrics, men’s health, women’s health, internal medicine, wellness, STD tests, wound care and more. We can take care of other pesky things like insect bites, allergic reactions, lacerations, minor injuries, sinus infections, bladder infections and so forth. We have x-ray and ultrasound services on site.

So, if you need to see a doctor, but it is not a life threatening emergency, we can take care of you—we accept walk-ins or you can make an appointment in advance. We are open seven days a week, 365 days a year. We have a staff of six physicians with a combined experience of more than 150 years in family practice, pediatrics, women’s health and internal medicine. Our supporting staff is very friendly and professional. You can learn more about us at or call us at 408.356.9300. And to get the health insurance coverage you need, get a free quote.

As for “After Hours With Dr. A,” be sure to check in from time-to-time as I will be tackling various medical topics and giving you advice. I am excited to share my knowledge with you and I hope I can help you live a healthier lifestyle!

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