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Test Your Knowledge of Health Care Reform

Kelley-Jensen2Author:  Kelley Filice Jensen

Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of health care reform, formally, The Affordable Care Act (ACA).   Where does the average American stand on the law?  Do they understand it?  Are there misconceptions?  Will they purchase affordable health insurance, in accordance with the individual mandate, or just stay uninsured?  Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)  , a non-profit, non-partisan foundation that researches and produces health policy and health information in the United States and around the world, released a new Health Tracking Poll detailing America’s current knowledge, expectation, and opinion of The Affordable Care Act.

Health Care Reform and Small Businesses

Kelley-Jensen2Author:  Kelley Filice Jensen

How does health care reform affect small businesses?  What classifies a business as small?  Does reform help or hurt small business owners?  There is a lot of confusion about this new law and the impact it will have on small businesses and owners of those businesses.  Maybe the business has never provided health insurance benefits to employees, but would like to and would like to know more about the state exchanges set up for small business owners.  Or maybe, the business owner has no legal obligation to provide insurance for his employees, even under the new law, but would like to help his employees enroll in affordable health insurance plans available with health care reform.  Questions and answers for small businesses are right here.

Why Not Just Stay Uninsured?

Kelley-Jensen2Author:  Kelley Filice Jensen

March 23, 2013  is the 3rd anniversary of The Affordable Care Act (ACA).
When the major portions of the law take effect in 2014, will the nearly
50 million people who are uninsured decide to purchase health insurance,
or chose to stay uninsured?  What incentive do they have to purchase
health insurance, why not just stay uninsured?


First, let’s recap the reasons people do without health insurance:

1)       It is too expensive

2)       They had  it in the past and nothing was covered anyway

We Can Help Get You Covered, California

Kelley-Jensen2Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Health Care Reform has made health insurance affordable, available, reliable, and real, but health care reform has not made health insurance less confusing… to get the guidance you need, talk to an expert:  a health insurance agent that has years of experience with health plans and health carriers.  Health Care Reform is new, but health insurance is not, so put our knowledge, guidance, reassurance and expertise to work for you and your family.  Click here for a free quote. 

We can help you:

Starvation Tips From Gwyneth Paltrow

Kelley-Jensen2Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Gwyneth Paltrow has some good ideas, and her enthusiasm is catching.   However, she also has some bad ideas, some REALLY bad ideas.  Excerpts from her newest cookbook are full of those bad ideas.  They read like a manifesto of neurosis, hypochondria, body image crisis, and rationalizations that amounts to little more than tips on how to starve oneself without using the word “anorexia”.  Because THAT would make you sound unhealthy.  It is also warning not to take too much diet and nutrition advice from celebrities.  They are under so much pressure to look a certain way that it clouds their judgment.  Here are some of her bad ideas, along with some of the good ones, taken both from both of her cookbooks and website.  Health Care Reform is here, get a free health insurance quote and learn more!

Covered California is CA’s Health Insurance Exchange

Kelley-Jensen2Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

An exchange, also known as Affordable Insurance Exchange, is a State-based, supervised, competitive market place where individuals and small businesses can purchase affordable health insurance. States can design an exchange catered towards its citizens. In addition, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides further details and guidance on the purpose, scope, and operation of each exchange. Think of an exchange as similar to the NASDAQ or The New York Stock Exchange.

No More Work From Home, Will Yahoo Start A Trend?

Kelley-Jensen2Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

“Me, Me, Me…” There has been a lot of me from people in cyberspace over a leaked internal memo from Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, disallowing Yahoo employees to work from home.  Bloggers, writers and consultants from every corner of the world have attacked social media with their own personal testimonials, time sheets, and productivity assessments.  As far as I can tell, none of them are Yahoo employees, so Yahoo’s decision should have nothing to do with them, and yet they are personally affronted.  But their myopic response to Yahoo’s unique corporate environment actually makes a point against working from home:  the inability to separate yourself, think collaboratively, and consider the greater need of the company or team you are supposed to be a part of.  Perhaps the visceral reaction was out of a fear that Yahoo would spark a trend and ruin a good thing for a lot of people that enjoy working from home.  If this does become a trend, what can people do to demonstrate their effectiveness from a remote location?  Michelle Montoya, MLR, SPHR, human resources consultant and specialist offers practical advice for employers, employees, and independent contractors on this debate.

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