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After Hours With Dr A – Bladder Infections

Author: Dr. A

UTI’(Urinary Tract Infections), also known as bladder infections, are one of the most common patient medical problems seen at After Hours Healthcare and emergency rooms around the country. Anyone that has ever had one knows that a urinary tract infection will not be ignored for long, and Dr. A gives information about UTI’s

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Urinary tract infections are one of the most common out patient medical problems that we see in After Hours Healthcare. It is more common in women than men. Though not that common in children, it is a problem at times for the pediatric age group. Want better health plans for your children? Get a quote.

Work with the Pros – Week 7 Which Diets are Best?

Losing weight is overwhelming. You want to lose weight, you need to lose weight, you want to do it right, and you want to see results. But, with so many diet choices, it is hard to know where to start and which diet to pick. Which diets are best? Dwight Clark highlights the Wellness Council of America’s recommended diets.

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Wellness Council of America’s report on Which Diets are Best.

NFL Lines For Week 7 – NFL Football Line

Quick Tips: How to Choose Quality Health Care

Health insurance is very confusing, and that is because health needs are unique for everyone. Age, family history, personal health history, life plans are different for each person seeking health care, and what your needs are affect the type of insurance you need. In order to make informed decisions, and purchase a health insurance plan that will help you stay healthy and treat you when you are ill, there are certain questions you should ask. The tips below will help you find out how to choose a quality health plan, doctor and hospital. And, get a quote on health plans here.

Work with the Pros – Week 6 – Remembering Al Davis

NFL Lines For Week 6 – NFL Football Line

Favorite Line Underdog Ron’s Pick Dwight’s Pick
At Green Bay -15 St. Louis Green Bay St. Louis
At Pittsburgh -12 Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville
Philadelphia -1 At Washington Washington Washington
At Detroit -5 San Francisco Detroit San Francisco
At Atlanta -4 Carolina Atlanta Carolina
At Cincinnati -7 Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis
At NY Giants -3 Buffalo NY Giants Buffalo
At Baltimore -7.5 Houston Baltimore Baltimore
At Oakland -5.5 Cleveland Oakland Oakland

Work with the Pros – Week 5 –Wellness Wins

Dwight Clark wants you to be well. He wants your coworkers to get well. This week we hear ideas and learn about ways employers educate, promote and support workplace wellness, as well as maintaining motivation and interest. And, as it is the month of October, Real Men Wear Pink.

Filice team members Michelle Montoya and Sheree Belardes help educate, promote and support wellness throughout Silicon Valley Companies, including their own company, Filice Insurance. Filice just ranked 10th in a contest sponsored by both the Silicon Valley Business Journal and the San Francisco Business Times to rank the Healthiest Employers in the Bay Area, divided into four different sized categories: small, midsized, large and largest employers. The ranking was based on six categories: culture and leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, communication and marketing, programs and interventions.

Women Take Charge! Perform Breast Self-exams

Breast self-exams are a women’s first line of defense against breast cancer. The most valuable thing about a breast cancer self-exam is that it helps women become familiar with the look and feel of their breasts while they are healthy. Thus, any change to breast tissue will be apparent, helping detect breast cancer and other potentially harmful conditions earlier. Doctor’s visits, mammograms and other women’s health insurance quotes here.

But, what is the correct way to do a self exam?

The American Cancer Society recommends the following technique for conducting a Breast self exam:

Real Men Wear Pink – Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

F is for football and P is for Pink. This week Dwight kicks off October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink and reminding everyone to remind the women that they love to get screened for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Methods of reducing the risk of breast cancer are widely known, agreed on by the medical community, and covered by most insurance.

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So, this October, join the community and help lower risks of breast cancer by doing the following, or encouraging someone you love to:

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