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The Intuitive Nature of the iPad for Toddlers

Arguably, the iPad is the greatest invention of our time.  It is revolutionizing the way we live, learn, work and play.  And our kids, from a very young age, are exposed to technology with seemingly effortless mastery, as anyone that has witnessed a two year old pick up a hand held device and operate it with the ease of an engineer, can attest.   Why do kids intuitively seem to understand these technologies, have they been “hardwired” differently than generations before them, or is it a natural progression of learning?  Are iPad’s the developmental equivalent of building blocks and toy trains?

Non-Verbal Communication

The use of Non-Verbal Communication is very important when working with young children to improve speech and language, as well as help children become confident and independent communicators.
Very often, a goal of parents who bring their child to see a speech therapist is to help the child talk more, perhaps by talking in longer, fuller sentences, or by telling stories, or talking more socially to their peers. Although how the child expresses himself verbally is important to parents, I am also often focused on how the child communicates non-verbally, or without words.

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