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Filing for Divorce and Group Health Insurance

Author: Michelle Montoya, MLR, SPHR

Client question:

Will filing of a divorce be enough to cancel a spouse from coverage on our Company’s health insurance plan and be offered COBRA?


No. The qualifying event is the date of the divorce decree (or legal separation). Merely filing for divorce is not considered a qualifying event, and will not render the spouse automatically eligible for COBRA. Courts often order a spouse to be reinstated on insurance plans if dropped before final divorce decree or legal separation, at which point, back premiums will be due, and can be quite expensive.

Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment Periods

One VERY significant change to the individual health insurance market made by The Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare) is the implementation of open enrollment and special enrollment periods.  Prior to the ACA, an individual could purchase health insurance from an insurance carrier anytime, but the insurance carrier could reject an application, based on a pre-existing condition of the applicant.

Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment Periods

The ACA bans insurance carriers from denying applications based on pre-existing conditions, so without a stricter enrollment period, consumers could simply wait until they were stricken with a severe condition to purchase health insurance.  This is referred to as “adverse selection”, and defined open enrollment periods attempt to limit such negative statistics for insurance carriers.

Shopping for Health Insurance, 10 Questions You Need to Answer – Update

Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Obamacare, affordable care act, health insurance reform, Supreme Court, individual mandates, health care exchanges:  health care sure has been in the news, and it can be very confusing!  But, whether you have health insurance through your work or not, all this talk about health insurance begs the question:  what type of health insurance do I need?  Where to start?  What are my options?  Here are 10 questions you need to answer when shopping for health insurance or reviewing your health insurance coverage:

1)    Relationship status:  single, married, family?  Has your status changed?  Are you going through a divorce?

HEALTH INSURANCE 101 – Common Insurance Terms

Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Most things have a language all their own, and when you know the language, everything becomes shockingly less confusing.  Here is a partial list of common terms used when discussing individual health insurance plans and group health insurance plans.  Learn more by watching health insurance informational videos sponsored by Humana.    And, make sure you can answer these questions about your health insurance needs.

CARRIER – An insurance company that provides a health plan.  Examples would be Blue Cross, Aetna, Health Net or several others.  A carrier could also be a Health Maintenance Organization (or HMO) which may not technically be an insurance company, but HMO’s are also carriers that provide health plans.  See More Carriers, and get quotes now.

Temporary Medical Insurance Plans

Author: Kelley Filice Jensen

Temporary Medical Insurance might sound like a good idea if you are in between jobs, have a waiting period before benefits eligibility at your new job, were recently laid off….but, what is the difference and savings between an individual medical insurance plan and a temporary medical insurance plan, and are there worthwhile savings on with a temporary plan?

What is temporary medical insurance and how is it different than regular individual insurance?

Temporary medical insurance plans expire after a period of time, and regular individual medical insurance plans do not.

Shopping for Health Insurance, 10 Questions You Need to Answer

This is open enrollment time, when Americans that have health insurance through their work can review their health insurance coverage. And if you do not have health insurance, all of the advertisements about open enrollment may motivate you to consider getting a health insurance plan. Where to start? What do you need? What are your options? Here are 10 questions you need to answer when shopping for health insurance or reviewing your health insurance coverage.

1) Relationship status: single, married, family? Has your status changed? Are you going through a divorce?

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